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Intern Assistant District Attorney  

Resumes only accepted for Summer and Fall appointments 

This position is for an internship at the Clayton County District Attorney's Office for 3L and 2L students. 

Essential Duties:


Second and third-year students will observe court, assist attorneys in court, and assist attorneys in investigating cases.

Second and third-year students will review case files and screen cases for legal sufficiency, prepare accusations, indictments, and case summaries. 

Third-year students will participate in court hearings and trials for felony cases in Clayton County. This includes taking pleas, probation revocations, examining witnesses, advocating to juries, and arguing motions to a judge. Third-year students will also be expected to present cases to Grand Jury, handle preliminary hearings in Magistrate Court. 

We encourage our interns to observe court as often as possible, and they are provided with as much court time as possible. 

Student Qualifications:

Prerequisites: Second or third-year students may apply. 


Eligibility to practice under the Law School Public Prosecutor Act, which requires that the student (1) be in good academic standing (at least 2.2 GPA), (2) have earned at least two-thirds (58 hours) of the J.D. requirements in not fewer than four semesters or six quarters of residence, and (3) be of good moral character 


Approximately 12 weeks

Applicants interested in the summer internship program can submit a resume and cover letter by March 4.

Applicants interested in the fall internship program can submit a resume and cover letter by/through/period from June 1 - July 1.

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