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Child Support Unit

For more information visit the Division of Child Support Services.

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121 S. McDonough St.

Annex III 3rd Floor 

Jonesboro, GA 30236


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1 - 844-  MYGADHS  (844) 694 - 2347)

The UIFSA Division (Uniform Intergovernmental Family Support Act)  handles interstate child support prosecution.  The UIFSA division has the ultimate responsibility of representing the State's interest in children receiving financial support from both parents. The office operates through a contract with the Georgia Division of Child Support Services (DCSS). The division enforces the substantive law of the Federal Uniform Intergovernmental Family and Support Act as codified in Georgia State law. O.C.G.A. law. The relevant UIFSA  law is are found  in O.C.G.A.19-11-100 through O.C.G.A. 19-11-191. UIFSA actions are governed procedurally by  the Civil Practice Act found in O.C.G.A Title 9 and the Uniform Superior Court Rules. The office consists of 10 staff members; oversees action􀀏r approximately 3600 active cases and collects nearly $7,000,000.00 annually. 

The division accepts petitions to establish, enforce, and modify support obligations. Petitions are sent to the home states of the non-custodial parent on behalf of custodial parents who live in Clayton County. In those Initiating cases, the non-custodial parent's home state establishes, enforces or modifies the support obligation. Custodial parents or legal guardians living in Clayton County with an absent parent living in another state may contact the office to obtain information about initiating a UIFSA child support action. 

Additionally, the UIFSA division accepts petitions from custodial parents and legal guardians in other states when the non-custodial parent lives in Clayton County. In those Responding cases, the division files petitions that are received from the Georgia Central Registry to establish, modify or enforce support obligations. Those cases are assigned to all five Clayton County Superior Court judges. There are four court dates each month. 

Various enforcement tools are utilized including driver's license suspension professional license suspension, tag revocation, federal and state involuntary payments, bank liens, lottery intercepts, passport denials, and motions contempt. Except for a motions for contempt, all the enforcement action mentioned are unique to and available only through the UIFSA and in-state 
IV-D processes. They are not available to non IV-D litigants.

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